Honda CA77


Below is my '65 Honda CA77 in all it's iterations. I purchased it at auction as a running bike with lots of accessories and a new black seat. Since then, the bike has had a pink seat, windshield and Buco bags for awhile. Cornering was wobbly even after new steering head bearings were installed. I attributed that to the windshield, & leg shields. It also skids easily; probably due to the ribbed "front" tire on the rear.

Now; the bike has a Japanese solo seat and rack, which I refinished; and front turn signals. The bags, leg shields and windshield are off for now. Some day I hope to find pressed steel bars and rear turn signals for it.Included are a few other photos with Dream accessories and features my bike does not have.

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Early cruiser "Fairing"


Yetman CB77
Honda CA95
Honda VF500F
Honda CB200T (2)
Honda NX250

ohv twin 4 stroke
305cc, 8.3:1 ratio4 sp.constant mesh gear transmission
battery: 12V 11amp
tires: 3.25 x 16
dry weight: 356 lb.
max top speed: 87 mphtiming: 5° BTDC; 35° BTDC at full advance
points gap: 0.35mm
plugs: NGK D8HA
plug gap: 0.6mm
valve clearance: 0.1mm
both in. & ex.

crankcase oil cap: 1.32 quarts
fuel tank cap: 2.6 gal.

Original Dream badges
Buco saddlebags
restoration saga.
(no link yet)
Leg shields&windshield
Solo seat Dream